An early spring session with a new 1-year-old!

I’ve been watching this family grow since big brother R was just a few months old!   Ever since he learned to walk, he has been a non-stop action man – so I was extra happy to get a few of him genuinely looking happy while being with his family at the very end of this session, swinging from his parents hands.  🙂

But the real star this day is little sister A, who had just turned 1-year-old!   We met in Dunwoody to mark the occasion and get some updated pictures of this family.  They change so fast, so I hope this gives them a little snapshot to remember these personalities and interactions at this point in their lives.  A is throwing balls, pulling up, and clapping and laughing – and begrudgingly putting up with hugs from her big brother.

Always love to see this sweet family!

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Spring Mini-Sessions, Booking Soon!

Love seeing these beautiful trees out this March, and with a little warmer coming, I’ve decided it’s time to get some mini-sessions on the calendar!

All the details are on the website: Check the “About” menu, and then “mini-sessions” for dates and details.
I have 3 locations around the Atlanta area this year – Decatur, Marietta, and Buckhead.  And for the first time I’m trying these on a weeknight.  (I know it’s scary!  But I hope some folks in the Decatur area can take advantage!  We have some much longer longer days now.)
I have just a limited number of spaces available, and these usually book very quickly, so check out the information and come back Friday around noon to book.

Hope to see you soon!



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sweet baby Ava

Little Ava was WIDE awake the entire time I was with her, and she was the sweetest little Valentine.  <3

I met her parents when her older brother was just 3 months old, and we had a great time during a sunset session with him!  Since then I’ve been able to see him grow into a very busy toddler, and I was excited to see this family welcome a new addition.  They are wonderful parents and all around good people, and I’m so thankful this job has given me the opportunity to get to know them and so many of my other clients!   A little bonus for this session:  one of my best friends was in town and staying with me at the time, so I appointed her as an assistant (help me carry my newborn props?  Yes, please!), and she spent the time reminscing with dad about early childhood – it turned out they went to elementary school together.  Every once in a while, it’s a very small world.

Congratulations M family!  And welcome, little Ava, to this world – big and small.

2016-02-19_0001 copy

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Brand new year, brand new baby

For my first session of the year I got to hang out in a beautiful home with an even more beautiful baby girl for a newborn lifestyle session.

Baby G made her entrance into this world before 2015 closed out, and I got to meet her at 16 days old.  Not one to miss a party, she was hungry and alert for most of our time, but gave in and conked out by the end.  Here’s a little peak at this girl and her babyhood time at home:

1-DSC04901 copy2-DSC04918 copy3-2016-01-15_00014-DSC04962 copy5-DSC04989 copy6-DSC05014 copy7-2016-01-15_0002

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Happy New Year!

Happy, 2016, all!!

Hope you had a very happy holiday season!  I took a little bit of time on New Year’s Eve to pull one shot from each group of shoots I had this year, to put in a 108-image collage.
That’s 2015 at a glance; I can’t believe I can see it all right there – it makes it seem so small.  But it was a big year!  Thank you to all who made that possible.  Whether it was because you chose me to capture some memories of your family, or whether you’re another photographer I learned from, or a photographer friend I’ve been lucky enough to have discussions with, or last but definitely not least, a friend or family member who heard me say, “I can’t!  I have SO MUCH editing to do!!!” about a million times this fall while I was MIA.   Thank you, thank you!

Wishing you much joy in 2016, and sweet memories of the year just gone by.


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