H family being seasonal

Ok, I’m finally finishing off blog posts from 2014!

This one was in early December; after last year’s fall photos and colors, I suggested we do something more Christmasy, and I love the way it turned out!  I had to thank the people at this tree farm, who were so willing to let us be there.

These three little ones are the ones I know best – my sister’s children.  And although she hadn’t intended it, I talked her into having a few parent shots as well.  I’m so glad they have some of themselves in the shots, too!

I had 2 main goals here:  The first was targeted at the middle child, their 3-year-old.  I had seen some extended family photos they had done a couple of months before, and while everyone was arranged beautifully (which is hard to do with the number of people you have in extended families!) this little girl had the same expression on her face in every photo – her half-hearted attempt at a smile, which is to have the corners of her mouth stretched out wide and turned down.  So, the first goal was none of that!  To capture her little face as it truly looks at 3.  For this there was a lot of interacting with her without the camera in front of my face, which meant I had a fraction of a second to bring it up, compose and focus and hope for the best…   I realize now I ended up with more of her than the others – but she was much more willing than her little brother.  🙂

The other goal was for this to be relaxed and fun. And it was!  It really shows through when everyone is just enjoying themselves; I love that we captured so much of their true personalities to remember.

Here’s just a sample.

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Spring. Break.

hello!  Happy spring to you!

It’s been a long long time since I’ve had a spring break, but that’s about to change!  I’m taking a little vacation and so will be slow to respond to any emails/inquiries for a little while here… Actually, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to access email at all while I’m gone, so I apologize in advance if I unintentionally ignore anyone!

I promise to catch up later this month and start making plans for the summer.  🙂

I’ve loved seeing so many faces this spring!  I know the blog here is still stuck in fall/winter, but in real time spring has been in full swing.  We started out with the first blossoms early in March, when there was sunshine but still a nice brisk chill in the air, and then we had that rainy, stormy, cloudy April (I confess that I actually enjoy a good thunderstorm), and now we’re in May, sunny again, and heating up fast!

I don’t know how it all went so fast!  But here’s just a small look at just a little of what’s  been going on around here.  Love all of these folks and more!


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W family, fall in Roswell

We had such a beautiful morning in Roswell to spend time with the W family!

Mom told me she expected her daughter to be unhappy during the shoot – she was hoping for just one of her smiling – but look how happy this girl looks!
Had fun with both of these kiddos!

(And then I locked my keys in the trunk of my car.  But that’s another story.  At least I got to enjoy some sunshine.  🙂 )

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Fall Mini-Sessions, Druid Hills Day 2

Wrapping up on posting mini-sessions from fall!

Really enjoyed these this past year!  All the fall color and weather…  and now I’m enjoying this spring weather, too!  (Basically, I’m really happy when it’s not summer.  🙂 )

First we have a family of four with one little spunky girl who LOVES to pose for the camera, and one beautiful little sister who was much more shy.  But we ran around, and played with mom and dad, and I was really happy with the moments we captured!

Next we have a family of six!  That would be mom, dad, big sister, little sister, and the 2 dogs.  Little sister had just woken up from a nap and wanted to be back to sleep, poor thing.  So while we got some wide awake and playing shots of big sis, we got some quiet and sweet shots of little sis.

The third family was returning from last fall – so happy to see these girls again!  Mama works hard for these smiles.  Once again, we had 2 sisters where little sis wasn’t quiet sure what was going on, but they were so sweet together!  Love how her big sister took care of her!

4th in line we have our first boy of the day!  Handsome Mr. W.  Who’s mom is a friend of mine!  She’s actually the sister-in-law of one of my old high school friends, and I was fortunate enough to get to know her better when she moved to Atlanta.  She’s hilarious and sweet and smart, and I think this boy is going to be lot like her.  So much fun with the entire W family!

And lastly, I had a little something new!  This session was bought as a gift for these pair’s dad from his girlfriend.  She dressed the kids, brought them out for a photos session, and just stood back while they worked their charm.  They were SO easy!  And so fun.  Just all giggles and smiles and playfulness.  Thanks for making this job so easy on me!  Loved meeting them.  And I heard the surprise photo gift was a great success.  🙂

Thanks again to all the clients who traveled to see me for the fall mini’s!



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Fall Mini-Sessions, Druid Hills day 1, part 2

Finishing this post up of mini-sessions from the fall!  This was the 3rd day of mini’s, but the first one in town, on the east side, in the Druid  Hills neighborhood of Atlanta.

The first family pictured here came to me for the first time last year for minis, and I’m SO happy they came back!  This little girl was such a little lady, so much more grown up in one year.  And geunuinely so sweet and so fun!  As are her parents.  It makes it easy when mom and dad are relaxed and just loving on their little girl.  Love how these turned out.

And then I met a new family with a teenager and 2-year-old twins.  These twins were trained to smile!  I’ve never seen a 2 year-old sit still and smile on queue so well.  So they loosened up by playing in the leaves – I think they had fun!


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