hugging bunnies and climbing trees

This guy looks just like his mother when she was little, and I would know.

the after nap sweetness

the boy loves his bunnies

so much love for big brother

...and also for Grandpa

if big brother climbs a tree, little brother will soon follow

a good day with the little monkey

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BethanySeptember 9, 2012 - 4:07 pm

Love Jennifer! And I should know…. She is Fun, Smart, Sweet, Understanding…. I will just save you your lifetime and tell you JENNIFER ISTHE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Fan


If you’ve never watched an English Premier League soccer (football) game with real fans, then you’re missing out. It’s a sport I love, and I’ve always played, and often coached, but I had never really gotten into watching until I made some British friends. I’m now a Liverpool supporter, and it’s true when they say, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” If you walk into a Liverpool bar wearing red, you will have instant friends.

Here’s a look at a game watching championship for one of the tournaments. After a regular time resulted in a tie, there was an overtime, and then penalty kicks. Resulting in alternating expressions of fear before each shot, and joy after each goal (for Liverpool) or miss (for Cardiff).

special menu, special dessert

Walk on, with hope in your heart

no worries, lone fan of the other team, you will be welcome, too

oh, the shoot-out anticipation...

...and the thrill of shoot-out relief.

Let the song-singing begin.

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toddler yoga

No matter how much time has passed, there’s always something extra fun about seeing someone from your youth.  I got to see a friend from my childhood with some new youth.  Heidi teaches yoga in this beautiful light-filled studio, and her favorite class is for 2-and-a-half to 5-year-olds.  A girl I always knew as smart and mature, cool and collected, seemed to be quite at home pretending to be a shark or surfing on an imaginary board with these kiddos.  They were having so much fun they didn’t even notice me there.


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so much to see

I was once lucky enough to have a roommate that could paint and sew and fix things, and who made everything look lovely all the time.  Our house was covered in western-themed works of art, photos printed directly onto blocks of wood, and her bedroom featured bedding and lampshades she made herself.  In short, she is more productive in a day than I am in a month.

She’s since moved on to her own home with her family, and her ability to create has exploded.  In addition to all that she makes herself, she has started trading her work with other artists in shows.  Her walls are now covered in art.  And to top it off, she has a husband who has built all sorts of colorful outdoors decor – including a little welding he just picked up, for some homemade yard art.

Every time I’m there I wish I had a camera.  I brought one with me over for dinner on what turned out to be one of our only cold winter nights this year (so far).  I got so caught up in the good company that I didn’t do much of a job taking any photos, but here’s a very small peak, anyway.



boys playing with a new toy


why not brighten up your yard with a toilet bowl planter?


why have white shoes when you could color them in dragon?




homemade magnets



all the way from Kazakhstan...

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