Intown and in nature with the P family

Happy Labor Day!  I am posting a session from one year ago this weekend!  On one hand, not very timely… on the other hand, perfectly timely as it was an end of summer session.  🙂

I last saw the P-family the winter before (which you can see here), and they were SO adorable, and SO fun – I was so glad to see them again – and have a little more time to play for this one!
We started in town on the west-side of Atlanta, where the these kids were thrilled to have a chance to see passing trains go underneath our bridge.  Then, just for fun, we moved to a little creek not far from there, put on some rainboots, and played in the water.  This spirited older sister got a chance to run and jump, and her brother, a nature lover, got to find and collect and admire more leaves and rocks (I was pretty impressed with this guy).  And baby sister – still the cutest thing ever.

Here’s a sample of our time together!


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M family

I find that most of my clients think of May when they think of Spring, but early spring is my favorite Springtime! March is when the first trees bloom, before they’ve become all green, and when you can still wear sleeves or a light jacket and run around and catch a football without breaking a sweat!

This was the 3rd time I’ve been able to meet with the M family for pictures, and they’re so sweet every time! These boys have gotten so big, and were so good at loving on each other.

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This was a night in the city in early March with 3-year-old and 1-year-old brothers.  Mom (who is also a friend from my book club!) told me they were going to come how they were most comfortable – in their superhero clothes.
And I am all for adding anything that reflects their personalities or interests at their age for photos, so bring it on!!

We played around a little, took an ice cream break, and then went to see the skyline at sunset (which got obscured by clouds at the last minute.)  But still a lovely Atlanta view.

These two boys are full of energy with legs that just want to run run run!  But we managed to wear them out by the end.  🙂
Hope they had some fun flying around the city!


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Atlanta spring mini-sessions!

Have you forgotten about spring mini-sessions?  There are still a few spots left!

April 23rd is sold out, but I have 2 spots left in Buckhead on May 1st, as well as spots this coming week Monday-Tuesday in Decatur.

Spread the word to your Decatur and Atlanta east-side friends!  🙂
It’s been such a beautiful spring, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it before the hot, muggy summer sets in (as it is sure to do).

Signing-up is directly through my website; just select the “About” at the top menu and then “Mini-Sessions” and use the calendar on that page.  (You can also click here to get there.)

Looking forward to these, and to seeing my peoples that are already signed up!


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