Q: Where are you located?
I live in Atlanta, Georgia.  I love to shoot outdoors; I can come to a location of your choice, or I can suggest a park/cityscape/some other outdoor area in the Atlanta area.  We can also do the shoot inside and around your home.

Q: What time of day do you prefer for the photo shoot?
Light is prettiest in the early morning and late afternoon (with the end of day light being my personal favorite).  Time depends on the time of year, with within 2 hours of sunrise or sunset being the most ideal time frame.  Midday with the sun straight over head is my least favorite time, and I try to avoid it unless there’s a specific event planned.  

Q: What should I wear?
Clothes and accessories can add a lot to the style of the image.  Think simple, avoid logos, but layers look great on everyone – and can also help you stay comfortable when the temperature isn’t exactly as expected.  Feel free to bring a change of clothing, but also think of accessories you can add or take away for different looks.  These accessories can be used to add pops of color, and also add dimension and texture to an image.  Think about: hats, scarves, boots, jewelry, vests.  You can also bring items that are personal to you or your child – a blanket, an instrument, a stuffed animal, an easel, a bike, a book.
To coordinate as a family pick a foundation color or two, and then pick a couple more colors to add pops of color throughout.  You can see some examples here and here!
Once a client has booked a session, I will send a more detailed “what-to-wear” guide.  If you really want to perfect your look for the session, I cannot recommend Heather Kiesel strongly enough to use as your personal stylist!
SBP Styling

Q: What should I bring with me?
If you have a baby or young child, consider bringing snacks or juice to keep them refreshed.  You may also want to bring a noise-making toy to help get the baby’s attention, or a favorite toy or stuffed animal as a prop for your child.  If you want an additional clothing change, bring those along, too.

Q: What camera mode do you shoot in?
I always shoot in Manual mode, so that I have maximum control over the look of the photographs.  I use RAW format for the files, which gives the most flexibility for post-shoot editing.

Q:  Can you take that scratch off my baby’s face?
No problem!  I’ll be glad to remove scratches or other blemishes for you.  In general, I try to use digital editing to enhance the photo, but not to alter it greatly.  I want the finished photographs to look real and like those moments do in your memory; something that will last over time and not look dated years from now.

Q:  How long will the shoot take?
I’ll set aside 2 hours to spend with you, although we probably won’t need more than 1. 

Q:  What will the session be like?
I want the session to be as stress-free as possible!  Sit back, relax, and let me do the work.  When needed, I’ll ask you to help me by playing with your children.  🙂

Q:  Will I be able to choose which photos I receive?
Yes!  You will be given an online gallery you can share with family and friends.  From this gallery you may choose your 5 photos to download, and any additional orders if wanted.