About Me

Hi there!  My name is Jennifer and I love photos.  Thanks for visiting my blog!

I’m an Atlanta native, but consider Virginia a second home state.  I have a terrible sweet tooth, prefer the kind of exercise that takes place in the fresh air and keeps me distracted from the fact that I’m exercising (soccer is my sport of choice), love traveling anywhere new, and especially love my family and friends.  Not only do I enjoy taking pictures, I like looking at them, too.  I may have inherited this from my mom, a photographer herself, who would enlist me to help her organize her proofs when I was a teen in the pre-digital days.  I’ve often had family friends tell me how lucky I am that she was able to teach me, but my lesson with my first camera actually went like this: “Just go out and play and figure it out; that’s what I did.”  I suppose this is the southern mama way.
Also, I frequently get compared to Liz Lemon.