H family being seasonal

Ok, I’m finally finishing off blog posts from 2014!

This one was in early December; after last year’s fall photos and colors, I suggested we do something more Christmasy, and I love the way it turned out!  I had to thank the people at this tree farm, who were so willing to let us be there.

These three little ones are the ones I know best – my sister’s children.  And although she hadn’t intended it, I talked her into having a few parent shots as well.  I’m so glad they have some of themselves in the shots, too!

I had 2 main goals here:  The first was targeted at the middle child, their 3-year-old.  I had seen some extended family photos they had done a couple of months before, and while everyone was arranged beautifully (which is hard to do with the number of people you have in extended families!) this little girl had the same expression on her face in every photo – her half-hearted attempt at a smile, which is to have the corners of her mouth stretched out wide and turned down.  So, the first goal was none of that!  To capture her little face as it truly looks at 3.  For this there was a lot of interacting with her without the camera in front of my face, which meant I had a fraction of a second to bring it up, compose and focus and hope for the best…   I realize now I ended up with more of her than the others – but she was much more willing than her little brother.  🙂

The other goal was for this to be relaxed and fun. And it was!  It really shows through when everyone is just enjoying themselves; I love that we captured so much of their true personalities to remember.

Here’s just a sample.

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