a one-year old visitor!

Oh my goodness – this fall has been so crazy busy, I have completely neglected posting in favor of getting as many sessions/holiday cards out (and as quickly as possible) as I could!
Time for a little catch up!

My cousin and her husband traveled all the way from the next state over so that I could meet and photograph their little girl for her first birthday!  And I’m glad they did – she was sooo sweet!  And she looks like my family – brought back some memories of my Grandmother’s house.   I was past due for an introduction.

They drove over on Saturday afternoon and had planned to go straight to their hotel and buckle down for the night,and meet me Sunday morning for photos.  But the forecast – which had originally predicted rain Saturday and sun Sunday, and pulled a switcharoo, and I was afraid they would have have come all that way for a rainy day, so despite them not considering themselves ready, I talked them into meeting me as they drove into town just before sunset.  And so glad we did!

We got so many big smiles and sweet looks fro Miss L at twilight time.  The next morning we did have some drizzle, but braved it all the same and read some baby Jane Austen.  Then we tried a cupcake, which, not unlike Mr. Darcy, was met with some mild curiosity and then no great affection.

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LaurieDecember 22, 2014 - 3:38 pm

Love this post!!!

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